Aire negre[Black Air]

Dr Molde’s first patient at the psychiatric hospital is Laura Novo, an autistic woman suffering from amnesia who spends the whole day compulsively writing her name. The doctor helps Laura to remember everything that had happened to her in the previous months, when a dark shadow appeared to dominate her life. Neither one of them, however, could have guessed that in so doing they were opening the doors to a terrible truth.

The author
Agustín Fernández Paz (Villalba, Lugo, 1947) is the most important author of young adult literature in Gacilia. In Bromera he has had great success with his publications Les flors radioactives (Radioactive Flowers), Cartes d’hivern (Winter Letter) and Amor dels quinze anys, Marilyn (Love at Fifteen, Marilyn).

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Agustín Fernández Paz
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Agustín Fernández Paz