El Centro del Laberinto[The Labyrinth's Centre]

In 2020 Europe enters a new world order: The Laws of Unification. In mid-21st C the G-12 control the future of Europe. Sara, a member of this group, is in charge of a study that leads to fatal conclusions: either humanity changes its way of life in depth or there will be an unavoidable tragedy. Sara, who is not the only one to know this report, travels to Galicia incognito with her 16-year-old son David, whose relationship with her is rocky. She wishes to win him back. During the trip, David suffers an accident and is kidnapped by agents of the NCZ (Non-Controlled Zone). The discovery of a new way of life will change the lives of both David and Sara.

The author
Agustín Fernández Paz (Villalba, Lugo, 1947) is one of the most popular and translated writers of teen literature in Spain. His keen and concise style captures his young readers with subjects and plots of today. He became a member of IBBY Honours List in1990-1992, and won, among others, the Edebé Teen Literature Prize in 1994. Most remarkable among his works are Aire negro, Las flores radioactivas, Cartas de invierno and Amor de los quince años, Marilyn.

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Agustín Fernández Paz
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Agustín Fernández Paz