L’escola secreta[The Secret School]

Felix sees himself involved in a dark plot led by ominous people, the same characters that some years before had written some of the most terrible pages in European history. If he wants to save his life, he will have to solve an enigma on his own. But evil is much nearer than he suspected.

The author
Mariano Casas (València, 1963) has published quite a few books arousing great interest among both critics and readers alike. Among his different genres, he is particularly keen on and remarkable for the historic and adventure novels owing to their originality, like: Pirates de la marjal (The Marshland Pirates), Escales d’una fuga (The Stages of an Escape), Les ales de Mercuri (Mercury’s Wings) or La sang dels francesos (The French People’s Blood).

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Mariano Casas
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Mariano Casas