Tres passes pel misteri[Three Steps to the Mystery]

Three unsettling enigmas: a cursed ruinous lighthouse, a strange presence that alters the life of a young man and a curse hidden for thousands of years under a prehistoric monument. Three stories that will make the reader shudder.

The author
Agustín Fernández Paz (Villalba, Lugo, 1947) is the foremost writer for teenage literature in Galicia. Among the many awards he has won for his work is the Young Protagonist Prize; he was also finalist for the National Prize for Children and Teenage Literature 2003. Other titles in Bromera: The Radioactive Flowers; Winter Letters —more than 50,000 copies sold in Catalan language—; Black Air —more than 15,000 copies sold—; Night of the Voracious Shadows.

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Agustín Fernández Paz
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Agustín Fernández Paz