“Re-tales” is a funny series of stories inspired by some of the most famous classical tales. All the books are colour illustrated and are suitable for readers 6 and up. These happy and tender nonsense books will surprise children and will invite them to read again these stories in a different and particular way. They will discover new things about these characters that everybody thought to know very well.

Little readers will find out how the three little pigs really were. They will know why the pied saxophonist arrived to Hamelin or what truly happened with Aladdin’s

magic lamp. The author of these tales is the ingenious, witty writer Enric Lluch. They are illustrated by the well-known artists Jorge del Corral and Fran Parreño.

“Re-tales” invites us to rethink our tradition in a funny, different, imaginative manner.

Enric Lluch
21 x 20 cm
Jorge del Corral and Fran Parreño
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